LCEL Green Steps

LCEL Green Steps is made up of our Nature Club and Recycling Club students as well as the students and staff in our building helping make our campus green!

Both Nature Club and Recycling Club consist of children in Kindergarten, First and Second Grades. Students meet weekly to work on our different projects school wide. We are proud to say that our entire school helps daily in our efforts! After all, it is easy to be green, when you are a gator!

Nature Club Group Photo

LCEL was recognized by The Northeast News for their hard work!

2019 Earth Day

Students once again taught the school about recycling and taking care of the earth. Students rotated through three stations. We even had our mentors Mrs. Jane and Mrs. Karen come out and do a reuse planting project. Teachers and students really enjoy Earth Day!

Slideshow from Earth Day presentations

It's Easy Being Green When You're A Gator!

Students taught everyone in our school how our school wide efforts help keep our school and environment clean by reusing and recycling materials on our campus. They also shared how we plant and care for habitats on our campus.

These students are amazing!