Team Goals

  • Cultural: Form a new, strong, positive culture together
  • Social: Coordinate events for students, staff, and the community. (Ideas may include, but are not limited to: Camp Minikani, penpals, school visits, Fuel Up to Play 60 events (Jack-O-Lantern Jog), end of the year picnic (celebration of year and rev up for new year), open gym, various challenges/team-building events, and crossover Movie Nights and Dances.)

Subcommittee Members

Jennifer Bailey

Beth Brezonick (3)

Hope David (Accountant)

Nathan Heinritz (PE K - 3)

Kassia Kostuch (Art)

Steve Mork

Karin Pacetti

Kristine Roznowski

Deb Thomsen

Dates Pre-approved by Mrs. Villalobos and Mr. Engstrom for FL and RES students to engage in district-building activities:

11/2, 12/22, 1/2, 3/23, 4/3 and 5/25

Friess Lake Subcommittee mtg 10/10: current ideas

12/2 Richfield/Platt bus 4K-3 to Friess Lake for buddy activity (scavenger hunt), tour, maybe dress in red and green for holiday-treats. Friess Lake 4-8 to Richfield where they provide activity. 8th grade mixer or gym activity?

3/23 Both districts participate in Bowling (elementary) and Rollerskating (middle). Encourage community support regarding cost/lunch

4/3 Richfield/Platt 4K-3 come to Friess Lake to participate in Prairie/Outdoor classroom activities.

5/25 Camp Minikani?

11/13/17 Social/Culture Combined Committee meeting:


Set current goals for Staff- To understand the culture of each building and help staff prioritize the goals for the future.

Set up goals for this committee.

Set up some open social nights for the staff.

for Students - plan some activities

for Community