Placentia Orthotics

Direct Orthotic's, Placntia, California location is fully equipped to DIGITALLY scan your foot and gait.

The fabrication of your custom Orthotics is done at the Riverside location.

Located in the heart of Orange County which is freeway close to all of Orange County.

If you are not located near Placentia go to our NATIONWIDE Orthotics page and have a casting box sent to you. Click Here.

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Each orthotic is custom ground, padded and accommodated for your special needs .


How to solve your foot problem:

  1. To purchase a pair a custom Orthotics please call and make a appointment to get your feet scanned and your gait cycle analysed.
  2. Discuss with our orthotic technician your foot problems, orthotic type and any special accommodations needed.
  3. The digital scan will be transmitted to our fabrication lab.
  4. Fabrication time is 48 hours.
  5. Return, or have shipped, to our Tustin facility for dispensing and custom fit into your shoes.
  6. Enjoy the benefits of a custom orthotic from Direct Orthotics.

Direct Orthotics Placentia

601 Placentia Blvd


Placentia CA 92870