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Direct Orthotics offers a unique service of pairing your custom Orthotics to any shoe or sandal offer by "Revere Shoes". Our skilled craftsmen custom fit your orthotic into your new shoe or sandal.

Purchase a pair of custom Orthotics and then choose the foot wear you want the orthotic to fit into.

Here is how it works:

We need your feet, or at the least an impression of your feet.

This happens one of three ways.

1. Call one our locations closest to you for a appointment to get you feet scanned and your gait analyses.

Tustin | San Diego | Riverside

2. Have a casting box sent to you. Click Here

3. Send us your orthotics ... we can recover your orthotics and duplicate then custom fit into your sandal or shoe you purchased from us.

4. Order a pair of sandals / shoes for your orthotics.

Mens Orthotic Sandals Women's Orthotic Sandals Women Orthotic Shoes Men's Orthotic Shoes

5. You will receive 2 Packages.

6. The shoes / sandals will arrive from Revere Shoes and a casting box with instructions from Direct Orthotics.

7. Try on Shoes / Sandals making sure they fit and you like them.

8. Make foot impressions in casting box.

9. Ship casting box to the production lab.

10. We have information on your shoes / Sandals and will fit to the production sam[les we have at the laboratory. Ship only the casting box back.

Direct Orthotics

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