Orthotic Repair and Duplicate


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Wear and tear happens. Most customers wear their orthotics everyday.

Direct Orthotics will recover your old pair and make a duplicate pair $199.95

Direct Orthotics make a duplicate pair for $149.00

Direct Orthotics will recover and repair your orthotics for $75

Orthotic Repair Service

Direct Orthotics offers a recover service that is done by our skilled technicians in our production laboratory.

This process includes removing old covers, wire wheel old glue and dirt from orthotic, apply new covers and trim.

Most repairs are performed and shipped within 48 hours of receiving the orthotics.

We recover orthotics from most all brands like:

  • Langer
  • KLM
  • Burns
  • Image Orthopedic
  • California Labs
  • Root Orthotics
  • Dr Scholl’s
  • OC Orthotic Lab Service
  • Human Designs Prosthetic and Orthotic
  • Biomechanical Devices
  • Hanger

Orthotic Repair Near Me

Direct Orthotic has walk in locations in Southern California

Walk-in or call to schedule appointment. Our Production Lab in Riverside offers repairs while you wait.

Tustin - Riverside- San Diego - Placentia

Ship to us from Anywhere

USA - Canada - Britain -Europe - Asia ........

Choose your carrier and expedite to our production Lab

Direct Orthotics Riverside Production

3293 Trade Center Drive

Riverside, CA 92507

Refurbish Orthotics

Direct Orthotics can not only refurbish orthotics top cover we can also

- Repair Rearfoot Post

- Replace Cracked Orthotic

- Upgrade to Leather Top Covers

- Duplicate Orthotics

Send us your orthotic and we will duplicate them. You can have orthotics in all your favorite shoes.

Our production laboratory is located....

Direct Orthotics Riverside Production

3293 Trade Center Drive

Riverside, CA 92507