Morton's Neuromas

Ball of Foot Pain


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Morton's Neuromas and Metatarsalgia, pain in ball of the foot,

requires the use of Orthotics to treat the underlying causes of pain.

Morton's Neuroma

Morton's Neuroma

The ball of the foot is another vulnerable area that can break down due to abnormal balance and abnormal load mechanics requiring the use of custom Medical Grade Foot Orthotics to stabilize these abnormal forces.

Identifying these unseeable forces is key to understanding the complexity of pain and disability.

To do this, we use 3D imaging technology which looks at pressure load in static non movement and dynamic movement states.

Once we see the mechanical cause of pain we can the offload those abnormal forces and renormalize function using a Bioengineered Orthotics.

Metatarsal pain

Metatarsal pain including callouses (metatarsal bursitis) - this are also very common conditions affecting foot pain. Abnormal cyclic load conditions on metatarsal heads is dependent on adequate control of balance and joint motion of the foot. In addition, tight muscle groups (hamstring and gastrocnemius (calf)) add additional load pressure on metatarsal heads. Technology such as the use of 3DO Kinematic Imaging allows us to see these forces and their precise effect on foot anatomy.

what is morton's neuroma

A common benign sensory nerve tumor which shows up a pain (burning to numbing) in the bottling (plantar) area of the ball of the feet.

This is a abnormal cyclic load condition where the propulsive phase of the gait cycle is abnormal and requires orthotic intervention to reestablish normal load pressure on the ball of the foot and remove abnormal pressure off the sensory nerve.

neuroma treatment

Neuroma Treatment depends on the severity of your symptoms.

Custom Orthotic Arch supports and foot pads fit inside your shoe and help reduce pressure on the nerve. These can be purchased online, a custom-made, individually designed shoe insert — molded to fit the exact contours of your foot.

Surgical and other procedures

If conservative treatments haven't helped, your doctor might suggest:

Injections. Some people are helped by the injection of steroids into the painful area.

Decompression surgery. In some cases, surgeons can relieve the pressure on the nerve by cutting nearby structures, such as the ligament that binds together some of the bones in the front of the foot.

Removal of the nerve. Surgical removal of the growth may be necessary if other treatments fail to provide pain relief. Although surgery is usually successful, the procedure can result in permanent numbness in the affected toes.

Take anti-inflammatory medications.

Try ice massage. Regular ice massage may help reduce pain. Freeze a water-filled paper cup or plastic foam cup and roll the ice over the painful site.

Change your footwear. Avoid high heels or tight shoes. Choose shoes with a broad toe box and extra depth.

Take a break. For a few weeks, reduce activities such as jogging, aerobic exercise or dancing that subject your feet to high impact.

Morton's neuroma
Morton's Neuroma Orthotic
Ball of foot pain

Many times there are digital problems associated with metatarsal pain.

A common condition are hammertoes which are toes that curl due to a overbearing load on flexor muscles in the foot.

These deformities are either flexible (reducible) or rigid (fixed) Joint abnormalities.

Orthotics help take the abnormal forces off the flexor muscles and in the case of flexible hammertoes, the toes can straighten out.

morton's neuroma symptoms

- Burning - Sharp Localized Pain in Ball of Foot

- Numbness in toes (usually 3rd and 4th toes)

Many times we will see tight calf or Hamstring muscles associated with this condition. Stretching can be very helpful along with Custom Medical Grade Orthotics that are specifically engineered to offload pressure at the nerve site.


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