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Orthotics stop foot Pronation (rolling in)

> Stops Knee Twist

> stop Back Twist

= Back & Knee Relief.

Foot Orthotics can relieve lower back Pain.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Controlling the motion of your feet stops the twisting and turning that often leads to Back Pain

Relief is obtained bu stopping the twisting of the back with each step.

If you are overweight and your feet roll in you probably have lower back pain. Orthotics can Help!

Lower Back Pain and Orthotics

Back pain is affected primarily by chronic cyclic loading of weight bearing as we walk.

Custom Medical Grade Orthotics are vital in reducing the severe compressive forces affecting the back

lower back pain treatment

Orthotics have a long term proven record of success in treating Back Pain for many years.

Avoid drugs and doctors buy trying a pair of Orthotics first.

The foot greatly affects the back.

Always make sure the foot is in neutral and not rolled in (pronation).


It's usually caused when a herniated disk or bone spur in the spine presses on the nerve.

Orthotics stabilize the twisting of the spine from the feet rolling in. A still spine heals.

All Sciatica treatments should start with Custom Medical Grade Orthotics.

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The Spine is vulnerable to pain when there is abnormal limb rotation resulting from Foot Pronation (collapse of the arches).

Custom Orthotics stabilize this abnormal collapsing of the arch and stops excessive limb rotation.

All Lower Back treatments should first start with the use of Custom Medical Grade Orthotics.

lower back pain

Lower Back Pain

3D Computer Imaging

3D Imaging provides accuracy of cyclic load conditions in both non-movement (static) and Movement (dynamic) conditions. Accuracy is critical to properly identify where cyclic loads conditions are abnormal. We provide a 2 page report identifying where there are problems.

exercises for lower back pain

We should focus on stretching the hamstrings and calf muscles. This is best done in the shower with warm to hot water on the muscle groups. Do not force yourself to maximize stretch. Do it gently every day 40 to 50 stretches.

Wear Custom Medical Grade Orthotics to stabilize cyclic load forces as you walk or play sports.

Combining Stretching and the use of Medical Grade Orthotics is the best combination.

free report

Free Objective Static and Dynamic Report of Cyclic Load Analysis of your body. ($700.00 Value)


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