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Call today to schedule a 10 minute 3D scanning!

Dynamic Stride Scan and Static Full Weight Scan sent to our Fabrication Laboratory


3D Imaging custom Scan

Our patented state-of-the-art 3DO technology, captures a uniquely accurate 3-dimensional image of your foot. Data is collected by standing AND walking across a 3D dynamic media.

Then our proprietary software analyses your data to determine exactly what type of biomechanical correction is needed. Our lab technicians use the data to fabricate foot orthotics specific to your needs.

Production turn around time is 2 business days.


Custom ... not Fitted

3D Digital scans are capture while striding across scanner and in standing full weight.

Our propriety program analyses and fabricates the custom Orthotic

Fitted arch supports are are a educated guess that is tried then changed if not comfortable.

3D Static Imaging


For any athletic or sport shoe and any athletic or sport activity such as running, jogging, walking, working out, tennis, basketball, golf, soccer, etc. Offers an ultra comfortable and durable nylon covered neoprene top cover with full length extension.


For casual everyday activities or when you are unsure which style is right for you. Offers an ultra comfortable, durable ultrasuede and poron top cover with full length extension.


For tighter fitting executive and fashion dress and slip-on style shoes. Offers an ultra comfortable, durable ultrasuede and poron top cover with 3/4 length extension and narrow cut.


Choose this style if you are diabetic or simply require extra therapeutic comfort. Offers an ultra comfortable dual layer soft top cover with full length extension. Can be made without the plastic shell for more accommodating comfort.

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