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If you are located outside of our Southern California Scanning Centers you can still access our various orthotics, orthotic technicians and fabricators.

Custom Foot Orthotics $199.95 100% Money Back Satisfaction

How to solve your foot problem: Nationwide

  1. To purchase a pair a custom orthotics please call and make have a casting box sent to you.
  2. Discuss with our orthotic technician your foot problems, orthotic type and any special accommodations needed.
  3. The casting box will be shipped to our fabrication lab. Pre Paid shipping labels included
  4. Follow instructions or have a orthotic technician walk you through casting process.. it's simple.
  5. Fabrication time is 48 hours plus shipping time.
  6. Enjoy the benefits of a custom orthotic from Direct Orthotics.

Send a Casting Box

Upon receipt of your order Direct Orthotics will send you our “casting kit” complete with instructions and pre-paid return postage. When you get it, make impressions of your feet.

Drop it in the mail to the Direct Orthotics Lab in Riverside California for processing. Our technicians will fabricate your custom foot orthotics within 5 business days.

Pre Paid Shipping Labels included.

The completed orthotic ships the following business day.

Call 714-669-9600 and speak to a orthotic technician.

Orthotics are ground to the needs of client and the shoe type


Feet are as unique as fingerprints, no two are alike. We guarantee to go the extra mile to make sure your orthotics fit, feel and function to your specific needs.

Whether you work at a construction site or in an office, you’re an athlete or have diabetes, the orthotics we make are uniquely and specifically fabricated to accommodate your physiological needs and lifestyle.

Our most common style is the “Everyday” orthotic.

Uncertain about which of our 5-styles to order? We recommend this style because it’s ideally suited for daily multi-purpose activities.

Purchase any style below and a casting box will be sent to you .

There will be some easy instructions included

Pre Paid Return Label Included

If you have question on how to make a foam impression call the lab directly. 714-669-9600


For any athletic or sport shoe and any athletic or sport activity such as running, jogging, walking, working out, tennis, basketball, golf, soccer, etc. Offers an ultra comfortable and durable nylon covered neoprene top cover with full length extension.


For casual everyday activities or when you are unsure which style is right for you. Offers an ultra comfortable, durable ultrasuede and poron top cover with full length extension.


For tighter fitting executive and fashion dress and slip-on style shoes. Offers an ultra comfortable, durable ultrasuede and poron top cover with 3/4 length extension and narrow cut.


For any occupation where you are on your feet all day. Great for construction, warehouse, postal, medical, fire, police, culinary, etc. Offers an ultra comfortable and durable nylon covered neoprene top cover with full length extension.


Choose this style if you are diabetic or simply require extra therapeutic comfort. Offers an ultra comfortable dual layer soft top cover with full length extension. Can be made without the plastic shell for more accommodating comfort.

Plastizote covered orthotics Direct Orthotics

Direct Orthotics Fabrication

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Orthotic Shoes and Sandals ..... Custom

1. Purchase a pair of Sandals or Shoes from us.

2. Purchase a pair of Custom Foot Orthotics....

You have now found a lab who will duplicate your orthotic and custom fit the new into a comfy shoe.

You get back 2 pairs of orthotics . We Rock!

Below are samples of the types of Orthotic Footwear

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