Our 2018 Student Council

Naumai Haere Mai and a very warm welcome from our

Student Council

2019 Student Council Applications are now OPEN and Close on Monday 25 Feb

Student Council 2019









Voted onto Council by their student peers and teachers earlier in 2018, our Student Councillors are committed to capturing "student voice" to inform their thinking and innovative ideas for supporting and resourcing learning at our school.

Projects for 2018 include to date:

  • Complete the mini-gold course started by the 2017 Council
  • Complete the restoration of our Pou Whenua, created over 10 years ago
  • Plan and design the student cycleway to be approved by the Board of Trustees
  • Gift to Sir Ray Avery, the Life-pod incubator with funds raised over the past two years
  • Work with the school's property project team on our 10 Year Property Plan
  • Road-trip to visit effective leaders within our wider community
  • Set up digital pathways to capture our student voice across the school including these ideas:
            • Re-establish our Student Radio programmes
            • Daily notices delivered by Councillors on-line and in real time
            • Student Voice kiosks
            • Shared Google documents