Natasha Thompson


Hi my name is Natasha Thompson

My son Ben Thompson is a pupil at Rhode Street School. I also have a son Luke who is studying animation at the University in Auckland.

I started my school life at Melville Primary then after moving around a lot my final years were at Otorohanga College, where I stayed in the hostel 5 days a week and travelled back to Kawhia where I spent most of my weekends.

My parents owned the local store which I worked at and in my spare time I rode my horse on the beach and helped at the local marae in the kitchen. From there my working life began.

My path was always set as I come from a long line of bakers. So I ended up at Waikato Polytechnic and trained as a chef. I worked in a lot of different restaurants in New Zealand. Then I travelled to London for the birth of my first nephew. I lived there four years where I studied at Slough University and worked as a pastry chef in a restaurant in central London.

I travelled Europe and had a lot of amazing experiences. I also met the love of my life, my husband Adam. We have been married for 19 amazing years. I now own my wholesale bakery company where I make frozen desserts, cakes, slices and fresh bread. I am very interested in cooking and eating healthy.

I love being involved with Rhode Street School and am excited to be a part of the school future. I love animals and enjoy gardening. Our family are very passionate about the environment, we live on lifestyle block in a village in which we are very involved in its community. We plan to be as self-sufficient as possible, including growing our own fruit and vegetables.

Nui aroha