Whaea Paula Higgins

Ko Pirongia te maunga

Ko Waikato te awa

Ko Piper toku tamaahine

Ko Paula ahau

No reira tena koutou

Tena koutou

Tena koutou katoa

Kia ora whaanau my name is Whaea Paula

I am super excited to join the team here at Rhode Street School this year.

Working alongside whaanau and aakonga, I will be guiding a transitional space into school for our new aakonga.

Myself a late bloomer in life, I trained in Early Childhood Education at the ripe age of 40 (never too late to educate right). I have spent the last 6 years teaching ages 4-6 locally here in Kirikiriroa.

Along my journey I have developed a keen interest in the transition process from Early Childhood Education settings to School.

I want you to know I am dedicated to both the education and wellbeing of every child I teach. With relationships being at the core.

My aspiration is to enable our aakonga to build a strong sense of belonging, to continue their love of learning, and become models our School Community values.


Whaea Paula