Our Awesome Staff

Principal: Mr Shane Ngatai

"Principal and Proud of it"

Learning Hub Teachers

ILE Whaea Jen Commins and Whaea Arti Raju Year 0 / 1

Room 6: Whaea Carla Tracey Year 2

Room 5: Matua Rob Pulling Year 3

Room 1: Whaea Rangiwhangai Ruapakiri Year 4

Room 2: Whaea Danielle Jennings Year 5

Room 3: Whaea Sarah Hastie Year 6

Room 9: Whaea Rebecca Finlay and Matua Jarrod Year 7 / 8

Learning Support Staff

ESOL: Whaea Brenda Palmer

Multimedia: Mrs Vicki Signal

Student Support: Whaea Annie Hall

Whaea Liz Luoni

Enviroschools: Mr Alastair Kerr

Kai Time Cafe: Whaea Melissa Pattison and Whaea Pat Broomhall


Office Manager/Financial Controller/Privacy Officer: Aunty Winnie


Manager: Mr Alastair Kerr

Cleaner: Melrose Rudolph

Social Worker: Whaea Deon Moore

Before and After School Care Team

Supervisor: Whaea Pat Broomhall

Assistant Supervisor: Whaea Melissa Pattison

Assistants: Whaea Robyn King

Whaea Lisa Arnesen

Whaea Elly Moody

Whaea Alana McConnell

Whaea Carmen Penny

Whaea Eve Broomhall-Faitua