Our Business is Your Success

What is Rhapsody?

We are now entering a very interesting period of change and retail has never been more exciting.

The landscape has moved into a new dimension where the customer is king and brands and retailers need to be more creative, innovative and connected to their consumers through social media and smart advertising campaigns.  

The word Rhapsody reflects these exciting times....

rhap-so-dy / rapsədē

an effusively enthusiastic or ecstatic expression of feeling

Who we are ....

Tony Morton cut his teeth in the UK with Selfridges, Matalan and Fosters as a Merchandiser/Buyer before heading to Kuwait to join the esteemed Alshaya Group in 2001. Having set up the Tommy Hilfiger franchise he headed up the Debenhams franchise across the Middle East,  expanding it to covering 7 countries and 24 department stores. In 2010, Tony was invited to set up the first international franchise of House of Fraser in Abu Dhabi with Retail Arabia International, who also carried the Hamleys and Oscar de la Renta franchises.

In 2013 Tony joined Central Group in Thailand to head up their Sports retail division, CRC Sports. The business grew rapidly and expanded into Vietnam. Key to the success was the ability to bring key franchise and distribution partnerships. As President of CRC Sports Co.,Ltd, Tony was able to influence, nurture and develop the talent within the organisation, and generated an energy and passion that had his fingertips on just about everything. 

Tony has headed up numerous franchise and distribution brands over a 23 year period in Asia and The Middle East. In so doing he has become an expert in developing branding, marketing, retail formats and implementing analytical tools to support business growth, from planning  to in store productivity  and the supply chain process. 

Tony launched the Supersports online business in time to meet the demands of the covid crisis, and CRC Sports is strongly placed to continue its domination of the Thai and Vietnam sports market. 

In 2022 Tony decided that he wanted to develop his own business and was able to agree to leave his role to pursue these interests, with the full support of the Central board and the Chirathivat family.  

What we do....

Finding the right solutions to grow your business 

We develop partnerships with retailers, brands, distributors, mall developers, store designers, supply chain specialists and system solution providers to enable sustainable growth within Asia and The Middle East. We work with you to find the right partnerships that ensure your business has the very best chance to succeed in these markets.

We specialise in Retail operations, merchandise planning, franchise management and brand distribution.

Our Business is Your Success

Our Retail Services...

Rhapsody Retail can guide your management team to ensure its retail operations are aligned with your business strategy.

We understand the challenges of progressing the future strategic direction whilst dealing with the fire fighting of the now - and can advise on potential solutions to ensure you don't lose focus on either.

Our Business is Your Success

Brand Franchising Expertise

With 23 years experience of managing brand franchises in South east Asia and the Middle East, we will use our expertise and connections to support brands looking to develop into new markets by targeting the most suitable franchise and distribution partnerships.

Our Business is Your Success

New Business Opportunities

We are currently helping retail malls find new ways of driving footfall with new thinking. Providing more entertainment and food retail to bring more excitement into the malls and shopping centers.

Nothing can beat the experience of a good day out at the shops, and we aim to enhance that experience by coordinating the mall goals with suitable partnerships that provide the customers with the best day out.

Foodhalls and restaurants are not enough, and shopping centres need edutainment and gastrotainment to bring customers in. Retail stores need to align the customer benefits of online service with personal service.

Our Business is Your Success

Connecting For Success

Through our contacts we can connect brands with retailers online and offline. 

Store Operations

Mystery Shopping

Business Strategy

Merchandise Planning

Supply Chain

Sourcing Support

Franchise Management

Brand Distributor

Store Design support

Brand Development

Marketing Planning

Financial Planning.

Our Business is Your Success