Music Scoring for Film

All assignment projects can be accessed on Google Classroom or in the Google Drive folders below.

0.5 credits Grades 9-12 Prerequisite: None

About this course: The primary focus of this course is to compose music and record audio in support of video. Students will learn how to use Logic Pro X and its powerful synthesizer engine to create their own electronic instrument sounds. Students will also gain an overview of microphones to record audio into Logic. Additionally, students will record voiceovers such as radio shows, Podcasts, and sports broadcasts, create sound effects using various objects, and compose original music to be used in a video/sound project. This course meets the graduation requirement for technology credit.

Music Scoring for Film Projects

Project 1 - Soundtracks in Movies

Project 2a - Creating a Mood, Fear

Project 2b - Creating a Mood, Sad

Project 2c - Creating a Mood, Happy

Project 2d - Creating a Mood, Angry

Project 3 - Scoring a Short Video

Project 3 - Aligning Audio/Music With Video

Project 4 - Foley

Project 5 - Soundscape

Project 6 - Move Trailer Sound Effects

Project 7 - Video Game Sound

Project 8 - Your Choice

Project 9 - Podcast

Project 10 - Commercial

Project 11 - Documentary Voiceover

Project 12 - Final Project

Check out some "Nightscapes" created by our students using sound effects they recorded in class!

The Art of Foley

Foley is the concept of making sound effects using objects. The objects may be different than the sound that they are portraying. For example, stepping on sand or cornmeal may sound like a person walking through snow. Watch the videos below to see Foley in action.

Video Game Sound Design

Video game sound design and music composition is very different than that of traditional music composition. In a video game, the player is in charge and the environment and sound must adapt to whatever the player does. Watch the YouTube videos and read through the PDF to get a better idea of sound design and music composition in video games.

Video Game Sound