RHAM Ski and Snowboard Club

Ski Club Reg 2019.pdf

2018-2019 ski & snowboard season

RHAM Ski and & Snowboard Club welcomes skiers and snowboarders of all abilities; and offers an opportunity for students to learn more about the sport. Our Thursday Evening trips to Ski Sundown are January 3-February 7 (see below for official schedule).

Please read all of the following information carefully. If you have any questions please contact one of the two advisors:

Shelley Osowiecki - Room 633 - shelley.osowiecki@rhamschools.org

Mike Rambone - Room 126 - michael.rambone@rhamschools.org

or use 860 576 8194 or email: rhamhsskiclub@gmail.com


We will be having before and after school registration date this year. Your registration will be numbered as forms/payment are turned it in. If we do not have enough participants to warrant two buses, we will cut off registration at 55 participants. This means that registration is based on a first-come-first serve basis. Seniors will not have priority.

Before and After School Registration Date: 11/1/18 in the atrium.

Late registration:

We can accept late registration if there is room available on the bus, but there will be an additional fee of $25 after November 16, 2018. Late registrations will only be accepted until December 14, to allow time for processing before our weekly trips begin.

Important Dates:

Bring with you ALL of the following in person to Ms. Osowiecki or Mr. Rambone in the atrium before and after school on November 1, 2019. Regisration is first come-first serve.

Fri, Nov 3: Last day to turn in registration materials if you are attending any Thursday trips to Ski Sundown (if there is still room left on the buses).

Thu, Jan 3: First Trip to Ski Sundown. Attendance will be taken on the coaches parked outside the school at the end of the school day. We will leave as soon as possible after that. Students will receive their lift tickets on this day, which is valid for 3 ½ hours for five Thursdays. Students taking lessons and/or getting rental equipment will be assisted by the club’s chaperons during these procedures. Students will re-load the bus by 7:30 pm, and return to RHAM by 8:45.

Remind App.

We will be using the Remind App for getting information to parents and students about our trips such as reminders and cancellation due to weather notices. Please see the attached form for how to sign up for Remind.


Trip Schedule 2018

Thursday Trips to Ski Sundown

Cost = $270 for 5 week season

Thursday, January 3 Ski Sundown, CT 2:20pm – 8:45 pm

Thursday, January 10 Ski Sundown, CT 2:20pm – 8:45 pm

Thursday, January 24 Ski Sundown, CT 2:20pm—8:45pm

Thursday, January 31 Ski Sundown, CT 2:20pm—8:45pm

Thursday, February 7 Ski Sundown, CT 2:20pm -–8:45 pm

Ski Sundown Gift Card Purchase (use a gift card for your child to buy food in the cafeteria!)



RHAM High School rules and Board of Education policies apply on all trips associated with the RHAM High School Ski and Snowboard Club.

RHAM Ski & Snowboard Club has the same academic standards of eligibility as athletics does: A student may participate if he/she has maintained a “C-” average with no “F’s” for the marking period preceding the commencement of the activity. Students’ grades will be checked at the close of each marking period to determine continued eligibility. Payment cannot be refunded in this situation.


You may pay with cash or check, although a check is preferred. If you are paying with a check, please make the check payable to RHAM HIGH SCHOOL, and please write the student’s name in the memo. All fees must be paid in full at the time of registration, no partial payment will be accepted.


A $30 club fee is required. If you have not already paid one, this fee needs to be paid separately. Link to pay4schoolstuff


All RHAM ski trips are chaperoned by at least three certified RHAM staff members. The official advisors are Ms. Osowiecki and Mr. Rambone. Students can usually find us in room 633 or 126, and parents can leave messages for me on my voice mail: 860-228-9474 ext 3947 or email: rhamhsskiclub@gmail.com

Parents are invited and encouraged to join us on our trips if space is available. The incentives can be very enticing!


The high school is often not open when we return from a ski trip. It is very important that you plan to have a ride waiting for you at the designated return time.


Ski Sundown will provide a full refund for the price of the ticket if Ms. Osowiecki/Mr. Rambone is notified by Dec 10, 2018. In the event of injury or sickness, Ski Sundown will provide a prorated reimbursement if the request is made through Ms. Osowiecki/Mr. Rambone prior to the close of the season.

After the final registration date of 11/9/18, we will only be able to offer a refund on the cost of the ticket price, not the entire cost including the bus. We budget for the buses based on the number of participants. Once registrations are complete, the buses have been paid for, therefor we cannot refund the cost of the bus. If you are unsure of student’s ability to participate, it is best to hold of on registering until you are certain.


If you have opted for rental equipment, (either skis or snowboards), please complete section 3 of the Group Participant Information & Program Agreement. Ski Sundown handles rentals VERY WELL, and has the equipment ready for students upon arrival. However, renting at the large resorts on Saturday mornings is very inconvenient and time consuming. You may want to consider renting at one of our local shops prior to departure so that your child may get the most out of his or her ski day.


We pay Ski Sundown in one lump sum in November, and there is no way that RHAM Ski Club can have that money refunded. However, your access pass will be valid during any weekday, non-holiday period during which you may make up your time at Ski Sundown. If you are injured or move away and are unable to attend future trips to Ski Sundown on a permanent basis, notify Ms. Osowiecki in writing so that I may initiate the refund process with Ski Sundown.

If you cannot attend a trip other than to Ski Sundown, there will be NO REFUND of the amount of the purchase price that goes toward payment of the bus unless your seat is filled. The buses are reserved and paid for well in advance. However, it IS possible to refund the actual purchase price of the lift ticket (at the group rate). YOU MUST NOTIFY MS. OSOWIECKI or MR. RAMBONE, and I will attempt to find someone to substitute for you. By notifying me early, you will increase the chances of me finding an available substitute for you.

HELMETS: Will be required for all skiers and riders participating in RHAM Ski & Snowboard Club activities.

(non-compliance could result in suspension from future ski trips without refund)