Global Studies

Welcome to your Global Studies Level 2 Class Website!

Our Global Studies class will study the historical past and current issues of five major world regions - Africa, the Middle East, East Asia, South Asia and Latin America. Within each region of the world we will study and learn about the area's geography, culture, history and current events.

The goal of this course is to help you view the surrounding global community and current global issues with an informed perspective.

You should check this class webpage often for updates, our class schedule, class handouts and homework.

Essential Course Themes & Questions

      • Power: what are the sources of power and why is it so often abused?
      • Leadership - What are the characteristics of a good/bad leader?
      • Government - What are the responsibilities of a good government?
      • The United Nations & International Intervention- What are Universal Human Rights? What options do international organizations, such as the UN, have to deal with abusive leaders/governments? Should the international community intervene in situations when leaders/governments are being abusive?

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Course Assignments

Latin America Visual Analysis Exercise due: 5/18 (end of class)

Latin America Map due: 5/21

Spain + America Reconquista Google Qs due: 5/23

Latin America Magic Squares due: 5/24

Mockingjay Chapters 18-20 Qs due: 5/25

*All homework is due at the start of class unless otherwise noted

Important Class Documents

Latin America Google Qs + Presentations

Period 1:

Ryan: Zika Virus Qs

Ava + Sage: PR Hurricane Qs

Alyssa: Drug Smuggling Screencastify

Alyssa: Drug Smuggling Qs

Alexa, Lizee + Gillian: Drug Violence Qs

Parker + Blake: Rio Olympics Qs

Brody + Colby: Columbia War on Drugs Qs

Hayden: Argentina's Dirty War Qs

Ben, Dallin + Matt: Pablo Escobar Qs

Ethan + Tony: Illegal Immigration - Coyotes Qs

Victoria + Maddie: Human Trafficking Qs

Sean: Shining Path Qs

Period 2:

Addie: Deforestation Qs

Maddie M, Emma + Izzy: Drug Violence Qs

Shelby: Illegal Immigrants Qs

Simon: Panama Canal Qs

Tyler: War on Drugs Screencastify

Tyler: War on Drugs Qs

Patrick, Ava + Noah: Illegal Immigration Qs

Maddy K + Julia: Drug Trafficking Qs

Gabe + Nick: Zika Virus Qs

Michael, Parker + Josh: Shining Path Qs

Elisabeth: Galapagos Island Qs

Period 3:

Tyler + Dylan: US - Cuba Qs

Ben: Haitian Earthquake Qs

Josie + Reese: PR Hurricane Qs

Alyssa: Environmental Issues Qs

EJ, Cole + Aiden: Pablo Escobar Qs

Fenna: Venezuela Economic Crisis Qs

Kobi + John: Drug Smuggling Qs

Dante + Brody: Drug Trafficking Qs

Period 4:

Amanda: Haitian Earthquake Qs

Rebecca: PR Hurricane Qs

Gavin + Jared: Drug Trafficking Violence Qs

Mikey + Dylan: War on Drugs Qs

Emma + Liz: Rio Olympics Qs

Alex: Haiti Dictatorships Qs

Braeden: Human Trafficking Qs

Jaden, Joe, Spencer: Venezuela's Economic Crisis Qs

Katie + Anna: Zika Virus Qs

Period 7:

Mia: Drug Smuggling Qs

Lea: Zika Virus Qs

Lea Screencastify

Allie, Live + Haley: Drug Violence Qs

Noah: Shining Path Qs

Kylle: Pablo Escobar Qs

Kairi + Colleen: Hurricane Maria Qs

Ethan A. Machu Picchu Qs

Bryce: Illegal Immigration - Coyotes + Smuggling Qs

Jon: Panama Qs

Moose, Sean + Logan: Rio Olympics Qs