G Suite for Education

Save time, stay connected, and be more effective.

Above are the logos for Google Chrome and the G Suite for Education Core Services. These tools allow you to collaborate, work efficiently, and stay connected in a variety of ways. Please see a description of each service below.

Although not a G Suite for Education core service, Chrome is a web browser that is standard on Chromebooks and is optimized to run G Suite applications.


Create beautiful docs in your browser. The best part is everything saves automatically. Take it one step farther and collaborate with others. Everything saves in the background. Sending multiple versions through email is so 2005.

Classroom is a virtual classroom in the cloud. It allows you to create, share, and grade assignments all while keeping you organized and saving you time.


Docs sister application, but for spreadsheets. Everything saves automatically and you can collaborate with multiple people.

Supercharged email. Gmail contains a powerful search, integrated calendars, and allows you to stay in communication from your desk and on-the-go.

Create beautiful surveys, quizzes, and tests. All answers are recorded and can be displayed in Sheets for quick data analysis. Grading can be quick and painless.

A big (big!) hard drive in the cloud. Drive gives you unlimited storage for your education account. It allows to share files and access them on any device. No more worrying about merging versions with collaborators.


Create beautiful slideshows in your browser. Collaborate with others and everything syncs and saves automatically. Just as it should.

Create sharable calendars that integrate with the other G Suite Services. No more finding times to collaborate. When on the same domain, you can see when others are free without seeing their appointments or events.


Websites your way. Making your own website has never been easier. You can get your site up and running in a matter of minutes. Insert Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides and so much more.

Allows you to archive your chats and emails for future use. Everything is exported to Google Drive.

Connect with others anytime. Face-to-face video calls for meetings or chat for quick questions, field trips, and office hours. Everything saves so you have a record.