Flipped Classroom Tools

Students learn the material at home and perfect their skills at school.


Take an already existing video from sources such as YouTube, Khan Academy, or make your own. You can then add your own personal touch to the video asking questions throughout. This flipped classroom tool will also help with formative assessment and enable self-pace learning with your students. It is fun for them and will save you time.

Capture your screen, record your front-facing camera, and narrate all at the same time. Once you finish, choose from a variety of sharing options. Add Loom as a Google Chrome extension.

Your Mac has a powerful screen and front-facing camera recorder built in. No download is needed. It is perfect for users who do not want to download additional software or add a Google Chrome extension.

A free and easy way to capture your desktop, browser tab, or webcam. When you finish recording, share your video with a Google Drive link or add it to YouTube. Screencastify is a Google Chrome extension.