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Buddhist teachings and modern science are analogous both in their approach to the search for truth and in some of the discoveries of contemporary sciences such as mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, linguistics, commerce, economics, history, political sciences, geo-studies, medicine and psychology.


Even though congruencies and the recognized benefits of science, Buddhism reminds us of the dangers of a tendency toward scientific reductionism and imperialism and of the sciences’ inability to deal with human moral and spiritual values and needs. 

Buddhism and science have human concerns and final goals that are different, but as long as the boundaries between them are not trespassed, they can be mutually corrective and allied to benefit humankind. 

Buddhism must be open to the discoveries of science about the physical world as must all religions today, but no matter how much it may have to modify some of its ancient beliefs, its basic truths—the truths about human suffering and its release—will remain untouched.


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