Young Girl In Factory

If you are an executive, owner, manager, supervisor, team lead -- or you report to someone who is -- we invite you to join the Retro.Management Book Club(TM) (RMBC). Retro.Management Book Club is a fun, thought-provoking and stimulating way to sharpen your management (and work) skills. We challenge your notion of what "good" management looks like, and we challenge any notions you might have that management in the early 21st Century (circa 2017 ) automatically is better in every way than it was 100 years ago. Our core beliefs:

"Those who don't study History are doomed to repeat it."

"There is nothing new under the Sun."

"All management wisdom is not new wisdom"

Industrial Plant

We also believe that failure to study the history of management and apply that knowledge is a huge mistake made by virtually all managers across all generations. The results are a perpetual search for "a better way;" continuously reinventing the wheel; and scores of management fads that often do little or nothing to further the science and art that is Management.

Societies, cultures, generations and managers come and go, nations rise and fall, but basic human instincts and needs -- and good management practices -- do not. We cordially invite you to join the Retro.Management Book Club and participate in lively and informative on-line discussions as we compare and contrast contemporary people management with people management 100 years ago during the Second Industrial Revolution.