About RCC

Retford Cycle Campaign was established to lobby and represent Cyclists and other vulnerable road users. For better health, well-being, societal welfare, education through helping to enhance the cycling and commuting provision in the expanding bustling market town of Retford.

We are here to support all vulnerable road users, collaborate with businesses and work with and constructively challenge local government to help them deliver effective and sustainable change - that reflects the needs and wants of the local vulnerable road users.

Retford Cycle Campaign - RCC

  1. The Charity's objects (the Objects) are to promote cycling and walking for the public benefit in and around Retford as a means of furthering the following charitable purposes:

(i) the promotion of public health,

(ii) the promotion of the conservation and protection of the environment,

(iii) the promotion of cycling for the public benefit, by promoting, assisting, facilitating and protecting the use of bicycles and similar vehicles on public roads and publicly accessible routes,

(iv)the promotion of public safety, particularly on the highways,

(v) the promotion of healthy recreation in the interests of social welfare, and

(vi) the advancement of education;

by whatever means the Trustees think fit, including the provision of cycling facilities, services, training, educational activities, and lobbying and campaigning in matters relating to cycling and other forms of transport.

2. The Goal is to help make Retford one of the safest and convenient towns for cycling in the county by 2030.

3. The Role of the Campaign is inter alia:

i. to represent the interests and speak on behalf of cyclists and other vulnerable road users in and around the Retford area,

ii. to encourage people to cycle to the maximum, as part of a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle,

iii. to campaign for the enhancement of cycling and walking conditions and facilities, and for highly accessible information on the same,

iv. to act as a focal point for discussion between cyclists, other road & path users, businesses, and public bodies and authorities, v. to lobby decision makers on behalf of cyclists, working with others, including pedestrians and public transport users, as appropriate, and

vi. to provide an independent forum for discussion on cycling and related issues.