Welcome to Room 10

Dear Students,

I hope that you are as excited about all the possibilities that this year will bring as I am! We have so much to learn and discover together and I just can't wait to get started. My goal is to help you develop a love for learning and to challenge you every day. I will encourage you to push yourself to be the very best that you can be. Your responsibilities are to come to school with a positive attitude, ready to cooperate with other students and teachers, and willing to take a risk.

Dear Parents,

Each school year the pace picks up a bit from the previous year. Fourth grade can be very challenging. This is the year that begins the bridging process between the primary grades and junior high. The emphasis is on organizational skills and personal responsibility as the children take on a greater workload. They learn to prioritize assignments, balancing daily work with longer-term projects. If we work together, we can help your child be successful. Below I have highlighted some classroom rules/procedures that you will find beneficial.


Completing assignments promptly and managing time efficiently are important adjustments for fourth graders. Setting up a homework space and time with proper supplies will help your fourth grader make these adjustments.

Homework not only helps to reinforce skills taught in school, but also teaches responsibility. Fourth grade homework should take 60 minutes to complete. Please review each of your child's written assignments and sign each assignment nightly. Your signature indicates that you are monitoring your child's homework to ensure that it is done neatly and accurately. It is important that you lend support and guidance to all assignments.

I will gift each child with a 100 for a homework assignment grade for each subject at the beginning of each trimester. Every time an assignment is incomplete, they will lose 5 points from the homework grade in that subject area. The homework must be done the next night.

In my classroom we have a homework club. All students will be a member of the club at the beginning of each month. To remain a member, a student must complete all homework assignments. When an assignment is missed or incomplete, the student will be out of the club for the remainder of that month. At the end of each month, all students who have remained a member of the homework club will be able to eat lunch in the classroom with me, listen to music, dance, tell jokes, and perhaps receive a treat.

Test Procedures

I will announce tests at least one week in advance. Students also write test schedules in their homework copybook. I will post tests in the homework assignment each week on this website as well.

Maintenance quizzes are given in math daily.

Test Folders

I send test folders home every Monday. Please review your child's tests, sign each test, and return the test folder on Tuesday. Please be sure to sign your signature and not your initials.


Projects are assigned monthly. Students will be notified of projects two to three weeks in advance. Detailed information concerning projects will be sent home along with the corresponding rubric.

Writing Assignments

The children will work on various writing pieces and poetry throughout the school year. We will also do a few different research activities. The 5 steps of the writing process will be used to complete all writing assignments.

Classroom Behavior

Students are expected to follow the Golden Rule. Treat others as you would want to be treated. I have hung belief statements in my classroom. These basic tenants are ideals I want my students to have about our classroom, our work together, and the world. I am hoping this will be a more positive route to inspiring better choices on the part of the students.

When bad choices have been made though, there will be consequences.


Please be sure to call the office to report your child absent each day of their illness. If you would like to have your child's work sent home, please let Mrs. DeCree know in the morning so I have time to get the work together. Upon return, your child will need a note stating the date(s) and reason for absence.


Being late is discouraged. When students are late, it is a distraction. Students will have to serve a lunch detention after every third lateness.

Dress Code

Students must follow the dress code as stated in the School Handbook. I expect belts to be worn, shirts tucked in, and proper socks. Girls are not permitted to wear nail polish and jewelry should be limited to what is listed in the Handbook. Hoodies may not be worn in class.


It is important that students come to school prepared each day. They must have at least 4 sharp no. 2 pencils, a red pencil, a good eraser, highlighter, index cards, 12 inch ruler, tape, glue, crayons, scissors, dictionary, 5 wide-ruled marble copybooks, 3 folders, and wide-ruled loose leaf paper. All text books and workbooks must be covered. Please monitor your child's supplies so they can be replaced as needed.

Scholastic Books

I will be sending home Scholastic Book order forms each month. The due date will be written on the order form. All checks should be written out to Scholastic Reading Club. You also have the option of ordering directly online by using the following one-time activation code: H8QPY

Research shows that letting kids choose their own books is key to raising readers. Nine out of 10 children say that they are more likely to finish books that they choose themselves.*

Literacy is the key to success in school and in life!

Readers make leaders!