PreK3 at RSPS

Welcome to PreK3 at Resurrection-St. Paul School!


It's C Week!

“C” is for camping, cupcakes, caterpillars, candy corn, carrots, cats, and more! This week, we will be doing activities centered around the letter “c”. In your daily travels, have “c” scavenger hunts with your child…look for “c”s on road signs, cereal boxes, in stores, etc. It might be fun to go camping in your backyard, bake cupcakes together, or munch on carrots and candy corn while reading books about caterpillars and cats! Enjoy!


Grandparents Week

This week, we will be celebrating our Grandparents! We are looking forward to seeing lots of Grandparents this Friday for Grandparent's Day!


This week in PreK3, we are celebrating the letter B! We are having lots of fun blowing bubbles, building bird nests, and going BANANAS!

Wist PreK3welcome letter 2018-2019

All about PreK3!

Mrs. Allison Wist and Mrs. Dianna Bell are so excited to be a part of the second amazing year of the PreK3 program at Resurrection-St. Paul School! To learn about this program, please click on image!

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