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Service Desk Tickets

The service desk is here to form a productive partnership in our children's education by responding to and resolving your technological issues. Our ticketing system organizes and prioritizes service goals to get you back to what is important: providing our children with the instruction to give them a bright future.

Please use these services to get equipment fixed, troubleshooting, and remote assistance.

Faculty Training

Faculty members can watch recordings of training sessions. If you have not seen them or did not catch everything you needed the first time, you can watch them any time you like.

Job Aids

We use a vast array of tools in our jobs and we all want to perform the best that we can. You can learn the programs we use as a company by searching through the information placed at your fingertips.

These job aids are written for you.

More Resources

Sometimes we all need a little help. Here are some materials to assist in our children's education.

All of us have a responsibility to be contributing citizens even when on the internet. We have put together a section of articles for your further reading to help you grow as a person living in a digital world.

There is also a presentation for new hires to learn a little more about ResponsiveEd and some of the tools that we use.