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What's Going To Happen To Act! eMarketing (AEM)?

Now that the next generation of Act! of CRM and Act! Marketing Automation platform is here, many of us are asking what's going to happen to Act! Email Marketing AEM?

Originally Published by: Automated Sales Tools | Maria Cramer | 11/15/2018

Requirements and Best Practices for Customer List

With the help of your Act! emarketing built-in tools to help keep your list clean, it is recommended to exercise best practices for list collection and maintenance.

Originally Published by: Mailchimp | 11/2018

5 Ways Marketing Automation Can Help Your Business

Imagine this scenario: you want to purchase new tablets for your sales team, so you enter the necessary search terms into Google. One search result takes you to a website with helpful content. You provide your contact information to get the content. You wait for the company to contact you, but they don't.

Originally Published by: Act | By: Mallory Bowers | 10/16/2018

5 Reasons Email Marketing is your small business best friend

If you want to grow your business and increase your customer base, you need to get smart and be creative with your email marketing approach. "You have to customize your messaging".

Originally Published by: Act! | POSTED: 8/14/2018

How to use social media for your small business

And the stats suggest that most businesses aren’t using social media effectively: 88% of businesses are using social media yet 96% of people who are talking about your brand online don’t follow it.

Originally Published by: Swiftpage | Jonathan Taylor | 8/08/2018

Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

With marketing trends ever changing, staying updated with them has almost become a necessity. Majority of the businesses fail here. As a business owner if you are satisfied with your brand image, remember that the market scenario is changing every second.

Originally Published by: BBN TIMES | Anuja Lath

| 7/24/2018

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter join forces to improve data mobility

In an effort to allow consumers to transfer data in and out of any participating platform, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter have joined forces to create the Data Transfer Project (DTP).

Originally Published by: CMO ROM IDG | Vanessa Mitchell (CMO) | 7/23/2018

How to Create an Outstanding Email Marketing Campaign

A great email campaign has a proven track record of success for several businesses. But, how do you make it work for you? People get hundreds sometimes thousands of emails a day.

Originally Published by: ACT! BLOG | 5/23/2018


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