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Website Designing

We Create Websites for Small and Medium-Sized Business (SMB)

SMB sites are the most ideal due to being more affordable, and less hosting costs in comparison to corporate website. For a successful website, involves many different elements such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), marketing strategies and techniques. A Responsive website design is a technique that is now essential. All our websites are now built to be responsive. This means when visitors open your site in any device like desktop, tablet or smartphone, your website will respond by displaying accordingly with every digital web device.

We Can Design the following types of websites

One-Page Website - have become extremely popular and less costly that a multi page website and the advantage is it typically convert easier to mobile device and navigation is easier. The whole website is built on one single page that holds all the content of the site. One-Page website should be more limited in the context, visitors can screen the site quickly and find information faster.

Multi-page - are designed to display more content with multi-level menus and other navigation tools. The advantages are many, for ones, visitors can have more interaction and be more engage with website, such as reading site blogs, watching a training video, reading business latest news, description of products and services in detail. Another advantage of multi-pages website, is the use the Google Analytics tool, that can help to easily determine which page have the most clicks, which can help determine what product visitors are more interest on and visit the most.

Google New Sites - is perfect for startup companies or small business owners. Our's company website was built with Google New Site builder, and we love it!. The redesign Google New Site is part of G Suites productivity suites. Google new sites are more static (not very interactive generally), but it can have YouTube videos embedded, mobile ready, and great images display resolution.

We can set up your google business account, your domain name and we either save your own server or storage your website in our domain hosting services. Then you will have your business website running in no time!

Website Maintenance Services:

Website Analytics - We utilize Google analytics tool, which provides detail information about how visitors behaved during time visiting your website, location city to know how much traffic is getting to a particular time of the day and what information has the most clicks.

Website updates - In today's marketing, a website always needs to keep up with new trends, this includes innovated ways to visualize your content and images that are in the website. Also have the latest products and solutions or services is essential. Another important trend is that the newest version of Google algorithm. It is designed to search for the most current information, meaning that it will bring up the most current websites first.

How to Get Started in five simple steps:

Following is our guide process on how to get started and the steps we need to take in order to get you up and running and ensure your website is a success.

Listen - We love to listen to our customers to what they are looking for. We have a short questionnaire for clients to learn more about the specifications of the project required.

Learn - We review and contact the customer (email or phone as clients requests) to discuss content and go over our understanding of your request

Quote - We provide a quote for the cost of the project to the client and ask for approval.

Create - After we collect content from the client such as logo, desired context images, ect., we will start designing the project. We like to keep close contact with the customer by providing with our progress statues.

Draft - A final draft will be provided to the client for their review, and we will make any changes necessary until the client is happy.

How do we charge for our services?

Website Package includes:

  • Presentation of two to three homepage only concepts.
  • Art direction and coordination of illustration, images, general layout, final draft, and production of a mobile-friendly site.

Charge Separately:

  • An extra fee will be included if we need to do the research and content for your website
  • Licenses images/videos stock charge separately
  • cost varied from website one-page layout, traditional layout or Google New Site
  • Website Maintenance
  • Google Analytics


Graphic Design

PowerPoint Presentations

Logo Design

Video Marketing production


To maximize your online marketing exposure and engagement Digital Video Marketing is the way to go. People crave authenticity – and video is a great way to do that!. We can help with optimizing your video content, improve your video SEO that can help platforms such as Youtube, and others understand what your video is about.

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