Further Customize Your Act! Reports with Crystal Clear Essentials


Crystal Clear is an essential tool for Act!

Crystal Clear delivers 40 reports that can be run from the ACT! report menu and prompts allow the user to further customize the report.

Crystal Clear helps make your reports more sophisticated and adaptable to your growing business requirements.

Crystal Clear essentials is a powerful new reporting tool used to generate reports directly out of your Act! database. This will provide your leadership team with unparalleled insights that are not possible using only the built-in Act! report generator.

The difference comes from the ability to create customized reports with complex calculations, advanced formatting, and capabilities well beyond basic Act! Writer. Simply access Act! report menu with Act! Crystal Clear and you’ll be creating powerful and beautiful reports in no time.

We are experts at showing you how to get the most out of your Act! Crystal Clear reports . To learn more about Crystal Clear essentials functionalities contact us online or call 1-866-915-9399

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