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Originally Published by: Automated Sales Tools | Maria Cramer | 11/15/2018

What’s Going To Happen To Act! eMarketing (AEM)?

Now that the next generation of Act! of CRM and Act! Marketing Automation platform is here, many of us are asking what's going to happen to Act! Email Marketing AEM?

AEM has been an excellent tool to manage customers email campaigns for several years now. But, like any software, in order to continue evolving to sustain the demand of any businesse sales and marketing needs, a new generation set of tools needs to be designed.

In the case of AEM, Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) is the next generation! The CEO of Swiftpage-Act! describes AMA as "Act! Marketing Automation that delivers comprehensive campaign management, a visual workflow designer to map out customer journeys, real-time response metrics, and CRM workflows to fuse marketing and sales efforts." (1)

So, should you continue running email marketing campaigns using AMA? If email still provides you with a high ROI, then you should definitely keep it as part of your marketing (2) strategy. AMA can help you create email campaigns that will make them look amazing! and very professional.

Now with AMA, you can create beautiful, mobile-friendly email campaigns using the interactive template editor. You can customize colors and fonts, and add free, high-quality stock photos from a library of over 500,000 options. You can also add videos and can design landing pages that can be linked from your email.

The transition from Act! emarketing to Act! Marketing Automation is going to be within a few months and eventually, AEM will be replaced by AMA. To learn more or have more questions about this transition contact us and will be glad to answer any concerns and also provide you with more information about this changeover stage.

Remember! we as your Act! email marketing campaign consultant will guide you through the designing process and the delivery of your email campaign projects. We're just one call or an email away to answer any questions.

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