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Originally Published by: Automated Sales Tools | Maria Cramer | September 12, 2019

Learn what features are available in each Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) subscription plan to create a drip campaign

There has been a little bit of confusion with drip marketing features available in each plan. Several customers have asked questions like; What is the Action Type Decision? Why I can't build a triggered drip campaign with the professional plan features? The following, will clear up some of these questions and hopefully will provide you a better insight to find the plan that best fits your marketing solution.

Action Type Decision Feature Option adds decisions and actions based on interactions and responses. For example, alternative decision options could be:

  • Send a different email to those recipients that have opened the first email.
  • Send the same email again to those who have not opened the first email.
  • Send new stage of email campaign based on previous email decision
  • Send a separate email to those who have clicked on a link etc.

There are four general campaign styles or tactics that you can build with AMA features offered in each plan:

1. Bulk emails - Professional Plan - no action type included.

2. Drip campaign - Professional Plan - no action type include.

3. Triggered campaign (Change Action Type included) - Premier and Ultimate Plans + Professional plan features.

4. Nurture campaign ( Change Action Type included) - Premier and Ultimate Plans + Professional plan features.

AMA Professional Plan

With the Professional plan, you can build bulk emails and drip campaigns. The Professional plan is designed to send out one-time bulk blast email and/or to create an automated email drip campaign on sequent of scheduled or on interval times. For example, a "thank you" email is sent as soon as a user registers to your event. After two days, a "confirmation" email event is sent as the second email. A "reminder" email goes out two days before the event, and so on.

Note: the features use to pre-determined action that triggers an automatic email are not included in the Professional Plan.

AMA Premier and Ultimate Plan

With the Premier and Ultimate plan, You can pre-determine the actions that trigger an automatic email. Using the feature Change Action type, you can set an automated workflow that allows sending emails depending on specific triggers. An excellent example of a trigger campaign is when a user registers for a service or performs a particular action, which triggers a set of auto-responders to reach out to customers as soon as they engage.

By understanding the features offered in each plan could be beneficial in the decision-making in choosing what AMA plan works best to accomplish your drip marketing campaigns successfully.


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