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Outlook Add In feature differences between version 22.1 (Updates 1-3) and previous versions

Outlook integration in Act! v22.1 has been updated - we have renewed the architecture of the Outlook integration to use Act!’s API rather than the SDK, and to support 64-bit technology.

Because it works in a different way, there are a number of Outlook integration features which are not available in v.22.1 compared to using previous integrations. These feature differences are detailed in the table below. Currently we plan to address the differences with an update scheduled for release in August 2020.

If you are using a feature which is described below and wish for it to continue to function as it does in your current version of Act!, we recommend that you *do not install a later version of Act! until we release that update*

February 2020

Are all PRO users who used AEM being forced to go to GS Pro?

Act! Pro users own perpetual licenses, and may elect to continue using their version of the product until it becomes obsolete. Act! Pro will no longer be sold after June 30, 2020, and no longer be supported after June 30, 2021. The AEM service will cease to function in all cases, including for Act! Prousers, on December 31, 2020. We encourage Act! Pro users, especially those using AEM, to migrate toan Act! Growth Suite subscription prior to this time, and have attractive promotions in place in Q1 2020 to smooth the transition.

Q1 Price Updates–Act! Pro Customer

Due to exceptional results from the Channel, we will continue to offer the $240/yr promo price in Q1 to migrate to Act! Growth Suite Professional from Act! Pro. The monthly plan will no longer be offered.

The Act! Pro license price increased to $349.99 on 1/1/20 as communicated, leading up to the 6/30/20 last sale date. This price applies to both New and N-2 customers.

December 2019

Act! v22 brings you the latest generation of the Act! software.

This release also encompasses numerous improvements to enhance the user experience of Act! no matter where it has been deployed, whether than be via desktop, web or cloud. For the Act! v22 delivers the features and improvements detailed see the video below


User Experience & Onboarding

Source by Act! - September 2019

Contact us to learn more or have any questions regarding Act! new features and improvements coming this Fall!

What Feature Improvements have Been Released for Act! Companion?

Source by Act! - September 2019

This article includes updates specifically for the Act! API only. To check out all the new features by product and version, please see the following website for What's New Since Your Version. If you would like to see articles on the improvements for Act! as a whole, Act! Marketing Automation or the Act! API, please see the following articles:

Act! Version 21.1 Update 4

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