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How to creating an email with HTML Code if preparing emails campaigns with Act! emarketing

Please note the following points when editing HTML templates using MS Word:

  • All HTML content that is not intended for editing is “greyed” out. Do not attempt to modify these fields.
  • Please scroll down within the MS Word document to find editable areas, as indicated by colored font.
  • Hover your mouse over the notes within the document (in the right hand column) to see instructions for customizing each field. Alternatively, select the Review tab in Word and click “Show Comments”.
  • Once all changes have been made, Save the document. If preparing for Act! emarketing, save your document as, “Web Page (*.htm; *.html)” to a location on your computer that’s easily accessible.
  • Coding your email / Uploading your Template

There are two ways to move your customized HTML content to your email editor, depending on which email editor you’re using.

  • If using Act! emarketing, create a new email and in the upper right corner of the Template Manager, next to the two drop down selectors, click the button with the orange up arrow. Follow the instructions and browse to find the HTML file you just saved. You will not need to include images as they are already sourced within the HTML.
  • With other email editors and when creating a new email, look for the option such as “Code your Own” or “Paste in HTML Code”, typically accompanied by an icon such as </>.
    • Before creating the email message, within the MS Word document, on your keyboard while holding down the Ctrl key, press “A”. This will Select All Text. While still holding down the Ctrl key, press “C”. This will copy the HTML code that you have customized. You will then paste (Ctrl + V) it into your email editor as HTML.
  • Additionally, a web search for “Paste in HTML to Create a Campaign {name of your email editor here}“ should provide instructions specifc to your email editor.

Originally Published by: ACT! | August 2018

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