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3 Time-Management Tips For Business.

Here are three things entrepreneurs should know today.

Originally Published by: Entrepreneur | February 2019

5 Reasons Why Even Small Companies Need a Board of Directors.

A board can help you save on taxes, stay accountable and make better decisions for your business. Some people think that only big businesses need a board of directors or advisors, but that isn't true. In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Mark Kohler explains why even small corporations or LLCs can benefit from the presence of a board.

Originally Published by: Entrepreneur | January 2019

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How AI Is Driving Marketing Automation

As AI continues to develop and integrate into the world of marketing automation, marketers will find it increasingly easier to consolidate the many marketing tools they use to create and manage customer experiences.

Originally Published by: Entrepreneur | by Albizu Garcia | January 2019

Kuvana, Inc. is the technology powering the all-new Act! Marketing Automation

Swiftpage Accelerates Growth Strategy with Acquisition of Kuvana, Inc. Kuvana, Inc. is the maker of InboxGuru, the technology powering the all-new Act! Marketing Automation

Originally Published by: CISION PR Newswire | Swiftpage | December 2018

Why Small Businesses Need a Complete CRM

Complete CRM integrates all of the tools an organization needs into a centralized area to help streamline customer journeys and offer better customer experiences.

Originally Published by: Destination CRM | Alessandra Gyben | 9/21/2018

Grow your business with ACT! 365!

Designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs, Act! 365 gives you organized access to key customer details and powerful email marketing,

Originally Published by: Act! | 8/14/2018

5 Ways your sales team can leverage CRM software

Technology has helped CRM software become more sophisticated. But while sales reps have long been using the platform’s core features, most aren’t getting as much out of their CRM software as they could be


PHOTO BY: Hunters Race, YF http://sumo.ly/XWtZ via @yfsmagazine

How to leverage your CRM to track your team’s productivity

To effectively manage a team, you need to keep track of their activities. It's impossible to watch each team member every minute of every day, plus do everything else you must do

Originally Published by: Steve Jackson, Act! Trainer, Swiftpage | 7/17/2018

How Sales Leaders Using CRM Are Absolutely Killing It.

Act! has applications for sales and marketing automation and is suitable for companies in various industries. Read this article to learn why sales teams that adopt CRM reach 47% more prospects increase their deal size by 30%, and grow sales by 20%.

Published by: Customer Think | 6/ 15/2018

National Business Week

Automated Sales Tools is celebrating with Act! National Small Business Week! Watch a special message from Act! Swiftpage CEO.

Published by: Swiftpage | 4 /30/2018

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