Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) Is The New And Effective Method To Market Your Business


Drive Business Growth with Act! Marketing Automation (AMA)

AMA platform provides the most innovative sales and marketing solution for the small or medium-size businesses. AMA is designed for marketing departments that can extend the impact of Act! CRM through lead capture, nurture, workflow automation, and analytics. When email campaigns generate strong leads, AMA helps to keep them in a steady flow which is critical to continue business growth. Additionally, AMA helps enhance productivity, delivers better prospects and customer experience, resulting in more sales and increase retention.

What Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) services do we provide?

This comprehensive marketing campaign management software can help optimize all the ways you communicate with prospects and customers plus is embedded in Act! v21. We provide AMA customized training, from one single issue you might be having to providing training to your entire staff via remotely or on-site starting with a live demo to learn more about Act! Marketing Automation. We can also assist with all your Act! marketing campaign projects, including customize drip email campaigns, landing pages campaigns, customize email templates, web forms, campaign metrics, set-up assets marketing materials to AMA.

Act! Marketing Automation

A Complete Marketing Automation Platform

Full Integration

30 + Integration Points

Optimize your customer life cycle from initial engagement to retention and loyalty with automated outreach in each step .

Act! Marketing Automation do the work for you with response-driven nurture marketing campaigns—all sent to targeted lists in Act! automatically.

Campaigns are triggered based on criteria you define, leading recipients down a highly personalized path.

Setup simple ad-hoc email blasts or drip marketing campaigns for one-off or single path communications as needed.

Share campaigns on your social sites to extend your reach or embed social links in your campaigns to drive traffic to your social networks.


Better Brand Awareness

Informed decision making and improving the buying experience

Better efficiency and less repetition

more creativity

Improved customer satisfaction

What is the differences between

AMA - 20.1 Windows plugin vs. embedded v21

AMA comes fully embedded with Act! v21. this means no need to purchased separately. There is a plugin (add-on) component design to work only with Act! v20.1 (no available for older versions) and is requires active Act! Premium subscription, as well as a subscription to Act! Marketing automation.

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Do You Need Help with your Content for your campaigns?

Our Creative Content Specialist who has a marketing mind with the best marketing business techniques, produces creative copy witting and headlines to support our clients with their marketing content material for their email campaigns, social media, videos or web needs.

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