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How do Act! emarketing campaigns Works?

Marketing in general is useless, unless you have a physical view of your customers. Act! emarketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to track the history of what services your customers are more interested in. Act! emarketing provides mobile-friendly campaigns you can create, send, and track from within Act!

1. Overview Details Screen

The Overview Details screen provides a list of recipients by email address along with how many times each recipient opened your email campaign, clicked a link in your email campaign, clicked View Email In Browser, or clicked a Social link in your email campaign. Additionally, this list will give you specific information about who opted-out of receiving further email marketing campaigns from you.

2. Open Rate Total

What do Open Rate Total Numbers mean?

Open Rate Measures the percentage of emails opened compared to sent. The open, click-through, bounce, and unsubscribe rates for your campaign give a well-rounded picture of how your emails are being received. They also give you a place to start when you're looking to improve!.

3. Submitted, Sent and Unsent

Submitted - This is the number of contact records the email campaign was submitted to be sent to, regardless of whether they have invalid addresses, have previously opted out of receiving email campaigns, or if they are on your suppression list.

Sent - This is the number of contact records that the email campaign was actually sent to by our server after duplicate records, invalid addresses, and suppression list checks were completed.

Unsent - This is the number of email addresses that were not sent this email blast. This could be because they are invalid, there was no email address provided with that contact, the email address was duplicated within that email blast, or the contact has opted-out of receiving future emails from you so the email address was suppressed. To view the unsent email addresses and the reason they were unsent select the unsent button in the detailed reports.

4. Total Opens

Total Opens - This is the total number of times the email campaign has been opened across all recipients. An Open is only counted in the report when images are downloaded. Keep in mind that some email clients exclude images by default. This means that if the email was read, but the email client blocked the images from being downloaded, the report will not reflect this as an Open.

5. Unique Opens and Unique Clicks

Unique Opens - This is the total number of recipients who have opened the email campaign.

Total Clicks - This is the total number of times any link in your email campaign has been clicked across all recipients.

Unique Clicks - This is the total number of recipients who have clicked any link in your email campaign. The following table shows a total of 32 recipients clicked the email and direct them to Maintenance, Inc website.

6. Total Clicks

Total Clicks - This is the total number of times any link in your email campaign has been clicked across all recipients. This important indicator will represent the full amount of clicks that were made in all the links were added in the email.

7. Total Number of Bounces

Bounces - This is the total number of emails that bounced back while attempt

9. Call List Report

What is a Call List? - A Call List is a ranked list of your most engaged contacts based on their interactions with your email campaign. Each time a recipient opens an email campaign or clicks a link within your email campaign, these interactions are analyzed and ranked in a list, so you know who to call or reach out to first.

Call List Report - This report helps to view a prioritized list of recipients ranked by level of interaction – allowing you to contact those who are most interested in your last email campaign. Act! emarketing automatically creates these call lists from your email campaign. For each email campaign, recipients will be assigned a score, and then ranked based off of their interaction with the email blast selected.

We are looking forward to working with you with all your email marketing campaigns. We're just one call or an email away to answer any questions.

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