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ACT! Sales Report

ACT! installs about 40 reports with which users can generate notes, history, activity, sales opportunities, company, group, and contact reports. Default reports can be customized to a greater or lesser degree (or new reports created) and then the report can be filtered at run-time by date ranges, record manager, etc. While simple reports in ACT! are fine for many users, ACT! reports don’t do a good job of bridging tables (Contacts, Notes, Activities, etc.) , nor is there much control over grouping data in logical ways.

Act! Complex Data makes it Simple

ACT! Costume Report

When running Act! default reports from the reports menu can be a very easy , but customizing a report within Act! it takes advanced Act! knowledge so reports are accurate and definitely time consuming. Automated Sales Tools Certify Consultants have mastered the customization reports tools from Act! and make any suggestions of the type of information is need it to run accurate reports. So gives a call 1-866-915-9399 and we will be glad to help!

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