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Act! CRM software is the #1 best-selling contact & customer relationship management software for small business and sales teams for more than 30 year!

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Automated Sales Tools Have The Tools, The Innovation & The Training to help you stay connected with your clients and grow your business with Act! by Swiftpage. We are pioneers when it comes to quickly resolving any technical issues related to Act!. Just like Act! understands small businesses, so do we, because we know how important is the success of your business we offer each of our customers a more personalized experience. Our Dallas, Texas-based Act! certified consulting firm also provides services in the greater Austin, Houston and surrounding areas.

Act! is always evolving, delivering innovative solutions throughout the year to advance your success.

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To all our customers, we are proud of our success, without your loyalty, as our customer, we couldn't have become a Top customer Experience Act! Partner.

Save up to 25%* on Act! Growth Suite, the comprehensive sales and marketing platform!

Act! CRM + AMA = Act! Growth Suite

Act!Consulting Service Solutions to Fit Your Goals

Act! Consulting Services

We have a great team of Act! consultants and information technology support which can enhance your CRM database security and support than others consultants don't have. For over 20 years, we have built our skills to an expert level …

Act! Marketing Automation

AMA is a complete marketing automation platform, with response-driven nurture marketing campaigns—all sent to targeted lists in Act! automatically. We provide consulting services and support for all your AMA services including drip campaigns...

Act! Tables and Reports

We are pros at supporting Act! Tables customization and with building and tailored with all your vertical solutions. Customizing a report within Act! it takes advanced Act! knowledge so reports are accurate. and we have mastered the customization reports...

Act! Support

With 1000+ customers under our belt, we can provide you with the knowledge to take advantage of Act's powerful features and add-on tools that can enhances all the Act! capabilities. We have the strategies that have clear…

Act! Integration Solutions

Automated Sales Tools can help you in finding the right software and products that can be essential to improve, integrate and optimize with your Act! capabilities…

Act! Training

Training you and your staff on the correct use of the software will ensure you get the full benefit of Act! features. We provide training in Act! Basic & Advanced, Act! Admin...

Act! Hosting Solutions

Our implementation Act! hosting solutions and support provides to our customers a customized, dedicated hosting solution with the right strategy, integration, and mobile...

Act! add-ons

There are so many add-ons and mobile solutions in the market today to help you optimized your Act! and at times it can be overwhelming and confusing to know which one fits best for...

See why Act! takes sales and marketing to new heights with new Act! v21 Watch this short video!

Get Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) and Enhance your Act! CRM by optimizing the ways you communicate with prospects and customers

By integrating your Act! with Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) you can now get a panoramic view of prospect activity, recognize the hottest leads and prioritize them, deliver a personalized customer experience and generate actionable insight from data to make prudent business decisions.

How can we help you and your business with Act! Marketing Automation?

Because Swiftpage does not provide support for customizations, it is recommended that you contact an Act! Certified Consultant to assist with customizing Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) with your database; we have the experience and technical expertise for customizing all versions of Act! and we assist with many critical steps that should be completed correctly in order to Act! Marketing Automation works properly. We provide our services of any range, from very basic to advanced customizations. Moreover, we provide AMA customized trainings, from one single issue to train to your entire staff.

Act! Companion 2.5 is now available!

Act! Companion is perfect for the Act! user who is always on the go... now available for free download with an active Act! Premium subscription

A Brief About Us

Automated Sales Tools, LLC provides top consulting services since 1997. We specialize in ACT! by Swiftpage ® solution. With 1000 + customers under our belt, we can provide you with the knowledge to take advantage of Act's powerful features and add-on tools that can enhance all the Act! capabilities.

Feature Blogs

The all-new Act! Growth Suite is here

The relationship you have with your customers is important to every business – big or small. Act! Growth Suite can help you build better relationships by maximizing prospect and customer engagement and ultimately, drive business growth.

Published by: Act! | May 2019

What is Asset Tracking in AMA?

Assets are marketing materials that you intend to use for your marketing efforts. These can be URLs to areas of your website, YouTube video links, or PDFs.

Published by: B2C | May 2019

Small Business Roadmap for 2019 CRM Success.

Small- to mid-sized businesses that cater to the right customers — and to enhancing the customer experience — can expect to see big gains.

Published by: B2C | February 2019

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