Welcome to RentMie Vacation Rentals LLC. Our names are Brent Baylon (Rent) and Jamie Jaruvang (Mie) and we currently have three properties in Phoenix, AZ, USA. We have been running these properties as vacation rentals for almost two years now. You can find out more about the properties on this site and can also find us on Airbnb and HomeAway, links to the listings are posted below. If you are interested in booking one of the properties please call Brent at 602.349.7855 or email at bbaylon@rentmievr.com.

All homes have been been updated and remodeled to meet our goals of having a clean and modern living space. Here is a photo of the kitchen in one of the properties. Click the link below to see more pictures, reviews, and descriptions of the property.

Our goal of creating an updated, modern look to all our properties shows in this photo of a bathroom in another one of our properties.

At RentMie we strive to create a "home away from home" experience. In all properties you will find clean and uncluttered spaces that are tastefully furnished and decorated.