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AIM Acquisition Fund I (A1)

With its first closing targeted at $300 million, A1 is an independently managed, US registered sub-fund of the 100-billion-yuan Sichuan Development Guohong Acquisition Fund (四川发展国弘并购基金) headquartered in Chengdu, China.

A1 aims to identify, acquire, own, and operate a broad range of high quality, under-performing commercial properties in North America, UK and Europe.

Algo Trading

Trealth Co. (上海兆财投资管理有限公司) is a multi-asset investment company.

An active participant in bitcoin, commodity and futures markets, Trealth Co. is a hedge fund management firm that combines new and emerging technologies with sound and forward thinking strategies. A strong focus on research and development has allowed the firm to expand in the rapidly changing environment of electronic markets.

Investment Banking Advisory

ReiSoleil Inc., dba IPO UK Limited, raises tens of millions of dollars for qualified, top-quality companies through private placements, IPOs or secondary offers.

Providing comprehensive sell- and buy-side advisory services for publicly traded and privately held companies – ReiSoleil Inc. connects your corporate expansion strategies with institutional money. ReiSoleil Inc. has a proven ability to identify optimal transaction partners around the globe, to structure and negotiate transactions, and to deliver the best outcomes for its clients.

Cycle Capital Management

Cycle Capital invests in companies developing and commercializing clean technologies and striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, optimizing resource use, and improving process efficiency throughout a product’s life cycle.

ReiSoleil Living

Cenbu Co. is a leading building engineering company in China. Cenbu believes the housing industry will have a fundamental change, much like the one the auto industry experienced about 100 years ago. Cenbu's prefabricated homes are fast to build, and they are not as damaging to the environment as building a home the regular way could be. They offer the potential to reduce wastage and offer the benefits of mass production – lower prices, faster and easier to build, and a range of designs to choose from.

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