Co-managing a 100-billion-yuan acquisition fund in addition to continuing developing our proprietary algo trading systems, my interests are forward-looking technologies, commercial property acquisitions, new building technology and materials, and real (classical) watercolor paintings.

The things keeping me busy

Focusing on the ever-growing health care and hospitality market in China, I have helped raise tens of billions in Chinese yuan to acquire and develop hospitals and hotels in both China and North America.

I have developed our proprietary quantitative trading systems with our in-house mathematicians, software engineers and IT experts. I currently manage two commodity futures funds.

Begin with the end in mind

Investing with pre-defined exit goals in mind, I approach all investment activities, from algo trading, commercial property acquisitions to VC investing, with a clear exit strategy before every entry. This has made every algo trade easy. The same theory applies to every deal in our PE funds.

As part of our exit assurance, we work closely with large institutional investors, the largest corporate buyout partners, and the most active IPO underwriters in China in all stages of our portfolio investment activities.

The things I believe

I believe all components of a house should be build precisely and efficiently like how a luxury car is manufactured; I believe and wish a battery should last for days and weeks on my next gadget; I believe most 'modern arts' are just garbage and they are a fraud.

I also believe and wish one of the most important courses in life, parenting, should be properly taught when we were teenagers...