Mr. Solomon Odusanya Jr.

Vice President, African Business Development & Strategy

Mr. Odusanya provides leadership and oversight of Africa business development and strategy for Cenbu Co. by defining strategy, governance, planning and execution of innovative initiatives to maximize clients' business objectives.

Mr. Odusanya serves as the Vice President for Cenbu’s African Business Development & Strategy, responsible for sales, marketing, and strategic planning for the company. In addition, he is responsible for government relations, corporate affairs, and market development and technology.

Mr. Odusanya has over 27 years of experiences in business management and international relations. He has a good knowledge of African financial systems and African economies and a keen awareness of the challenges of and opportunities in the continent. He has been involved in many merger & acquisitions, facilitated several grants and loans for major Company's in America and Africa

His interests include commodity trading, corporate funding, lease-financing and business consulting services for oil and gas projects. He is highly connected with different governments in Africa and acts as a liaison between government and private sector.

Mr Odusanya is currently serving on the board of several companies in Asia and Africa.

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