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TRENDING NOW: Living, beautifully engineered!

Whether you’re an architect, owner or facility planner in the government, commercial/retail, healthcare, construction or education sector, today’s new building technologies such as modular, shotcrete and off-site construction engineering meet the needs of all sectors while offering much quicker time to occupancy than conventionally built structures.

Cenbu Sync™

Our construction process differs from traditional building methods because production tasks occur simultaneously rather than sequentially, so the overall time to project completion is condensed.

Modular construction incorporates technical innovation into an automated process that uses proven, standardized practices and process efficiency. The end result: Greater reliability and higher quality than conventional site-built projects.

As a leader in the modular building industry in China, Cenbu provides modular buildings that are recognized for their design excellence and architectural appeal.


Shotcrete is a version of a cast-in-place concrete wall. Rather than placing concrete into forms, however, a fresh mix is sprayed onto wall panels that have been erected in the shape of the building. A nozzleman applies concrete from a pressurized hose to encompass the reinforcement and build up the wall thickness, forming structural shapes that include walls, floors, roofs, and other assemblies.

Any surface suitable for accepting fresh concrete can be used: wood, steel, and polystyrene are common. Finishes are often applied directly to the concrete while it is still wet.

living, beautifully engineered (tm)