May Spirit Day

Senate Committee on School Spirit and Student Recognition

Tourist day was held on April 12th, the Friday before the start of Woodland’s spring break. Student were encouraged to dress up as “tacky tourists” by sporting their wacky Hawaiian shirts and more! This spirit day helped to further the spirit committee’s knowledge about the point system using the “5 star app” to track participants. It was a success!

Election Day

Special Senate Committee

Elections are held each year at Woodland Regional High School in order for students to vote on their School Wide Executive Officers, Class Officers and Student Senators.

The outcomes from the election were successful, and students were engaged in making decisions regarding their schoolʼs government. There was enthusiasm within the school body, and the new alterations to the process allowed more students to feel informed and capable of making better decisions.

April Spirit Day

Senate Committee on School Spirit and Student Recognition

On March 15 the Student Recognition and Spirit Committee ran a “Wear Green Day” to get students excited for St.Patrick’s Day. Spirit days like these are important to have in order for the staff and students of Woodland to increase spirit and pride for their school. With the help of Student Government members and many spirited students and staff dressing up for Green Day, it was a success!!

Blankets for Babies

Senate Committee on Service to School and Community

Our Student Government Senate ran a project titled “Blankets for Babies” in which members of Woodland Regional Student Government and other student volunteers made blankets from soft material using a knotting technique. The goal of this event was to provide warm homemade blankets for babies in the Neonatal Unit at St. Mary’s hospital in Waterbury, Connecticut. These children are often born prematurely or have illnesses, and will need extra warmth during the winter season. These blankets let all of the families know we were thinking of them. This event was a way of engaging students to help those who are in need and teaching them it does not take a lot to make a difference. At the end of the event, 20 blankets were made by students to be transported to St. Mary’s Hospital.

Spirit Week and Pep Rally

Special Senate Committee

Spirit week is a tradition that our school holds every year, including a pep rally at the end of spirit week. This project is always held the week before Thanksgiving break. Spirit week is 4-5 days of different themed days that members of student government have come up with that would appeal to the student body. Every student that dresses up for that themed day earns their grade points towards pep rally. During the pep rally, there are different activities that students from each grade have signed up to participate in. These activities earn them more points and at the end the grade with the most points wins our spirit shovel.

Governor's Debate

Executive Cabinet

Student Government organized a Connecticut gubernatorial debate in collaboration with an organization committed to fostering high school involvement in state-level elections. Four candidates for the positions of governor and lieutenant governor spoke on a panel and answered questions that reflected student concerns.

Color Run

Executive Cabinet

The student government organized a Color Run, which was to provide a fun and engaging activity for the local community while simultaneously contributing to a better change in the world through our small, but concentrated efforts.

Club Fair

Executive Cabinet

The Club Fair is an annual event at Woodland Regional High School that takes place every fall and is run by the Student Body Vice President. This is an inclusive day that is beneficial to all students and clubs.

Welcome Back Teacher Gift Baskets

Senate Committee on Faculty, Staff and Administration Relations

Our student government created a tradition, Welcome Back Teacher Gift Baskets, to show our teachers that they are appreciated by their students.

Welcome to the Woods

Executive Cabinet

Our traditional 9th grade orientation before school starts. This year we added t-shirt sales so that the incoming 9th graders had school swag fro the first day of school.

Woodland Regional Student Government

Beacon Falls, CT