Elections 2019

Elections Fall of 2019



**Be sure you read all of the handbooks above before completing Application Part 2 below.

  • Link to Candidate Application Part 1 **CLOSED**
  • Link to Candidate Application Part 2 **CLOSED**

Election Timeline

(Subject to Change)

August 28: Application Packets Distributed

September 4: Completed Applications are due

Students who are eligible can run for multiple offices in Student Government.

September 5: Candidate Interviews

You will be scheduled to attend an Interview with your respective advisor(s). All candidates are required to participate in this interview to discuss expectations and vision for the 2019 – 2020 Student Government. You are expected to dress appropriately (Western Business Casual) for the interview.

Student Senate - Mr. Tomlin

Class Officers 2023 - Mrs. Kelly and Ms. Broadbent

September 5: Notification of Eligibility

All candidates who have successfully participated in the interviews will be notified that they will appear on the ballot.

September 6: Candidate video speeches due

September 9-12: Campaign Week (See Campaign Rules)

September 12: Voter Registration

Available same day as voting (Only in September)

September 12: Election Day

Results announced via schoology and social media. All advertisements must be taken down by 2:05.

Woodland Regional Student Government

Beacon Falls, CT