Elections 2019

Elections Spring of 2019



**Be sure you read all of the handbooks above before completing Application Part 2 below.

  • Link to Candidate Application Part 1 **CLOSED**
  • Link to Candidate Application Part 2 **CLOSED**

Election Timeline

(Subject to Change)

March 11: Application Part 1 distributed in school, Application Part 2 available online.

March 19: Completed Applications are due, all paper and digital materials must be submitted by the end of the day. **Students who are eligible can run for multiple offices in Student Government. However, should you be elected to an Executive office you automatically waive the right to all lower offices.

March 25-29: Candidate Interview Week

You will need to schedule an Interview for after school with your respective adviser. All candidates will participate in this interview to discuss expectations and vision for the 2019 – 2020 Student Government. You are expected to dress appropriately (Western Business) for the interview.

Executive Cabinet - Mr. Tomlin

Student Senate - Mr. Tomlin

Class Officers 2020 - Mr. Magas and Ms. Marvin

Class Officers 2021 - Mrs. Athan and Ms. Santos

Class Officers 2022 - Mrs. Geary and Mr. Geary

March 29: Notification of Eligibility

All candidates who have successfully participated in the interviews will be notified that they will appear on the ballot.

April 3: All school read, Election website with candidate videos goes live.

April 8-12: Campaign Week (See Campaign Handbook)

April 8-11: Voter Registration

Available all Lunch waves this week. Once a student registers, they are registered to vote for the duration of their high school enrollment.

April 10: Debates

If there are multiple tickets for Student Body President/VP then there will be a debate involving all of the relevant candidates.

April 12: Election Day

Results announced via schoology and social media. All advertisements must be taken down by 2:05.