Class Council


Class Council serves to keep transparency between class fundraisers and help classes advance themselves by giving each other advice. The Council meets on the second Tuesday of every month. At meetings older classes share pointers to the younger classes and give them fundraising ideas, while discussing leadership techniques and how to engage their class in different events.

We meet the Second Tuesday of every month in Room 231.

Class of 2019

Class Officers:

  • President: Joshua Powanda
  • Vice President: Kyle Crowell
  • Treasurer: Emily Caruso
  • Secretary: Rachel Poulos
  • Historian: XiuXiu Sammis-McCoy
  • Advisers: Mrs. Cumberledge and Ms. Nunes

Class of 2020

Class Officers:

  • President: Madelyn Vallillo
  • Vice President: Mairead Reilly
  • Treasurer: Brandon McCusker
  • Secretary: Isabella Fabrizzi
  • Historian: Camille Terrell
  • Advisers: Mr. Magas and Ms. Marvin

Class of 2021

Class Officers:

  • President: Austin Roberts
  • Vice President: Nicholas Santovasi
  • Treasurer: Noah Scott
  • Secretary: Emma Krashinski
  • Historian: Erica Poehalios
  • Advisers: Mrs. Athan and Ms. Santos

Class of 2022

Class Officers:

  • President: Eric Meade
  • Vice President: William Tottenham
  • Treasurer: Abigail Messina
  • Secretary: Alexis Landrigan
  • Historian: Kimberly Poulos
  • Advisers: Mr. Geary and Mrs. Geary

Woodland Regional Student Government

Beacon Falls, CT