Senate Committee on Fundraising

The Senate Committee on Fundraising, established in 2002, works to raise money for Woodland Regional Student Government. The funds go towards school wide events, such as homecoming and spirit week. The committee is known for the popular Mr. Woodland male pageant.

Senate Committee on Citizenship Development

The Citizenship Development Committee, formed in 2016, is the newest committee to join WRSG. This committee is responsible for getting the student body involved and allowing them to voice their opinions. The biggest annual project that we run is Elections, which takes place every spring. We are also starting the Raising Student Voice and Participation summit (RSVP), which will allow for an easier and more effective way for the student body to communicate with Student Government.

Senate Committee on School Spirit and Student Recognition

The Student Recognition and Spirit Committee, established in 2001, is the oldest of all the committees. In the past, the student recognition and spirit committee has organized events like Hawk of the Month, Ugly Sweater Day, Letters to Athletes, Class Cup and countless spirit dress up days! The Student Recognition and Spirit Committee prides itself on creating events that will get the students of Woodland interested and excited to participate. This committee never fails to recognize the student body and their handwork and accomplishments. Bringing spirit and excitement to Woodland is our job, and with future plans for this year we will do just that.

Senate Committee on Service to School and Community

The Senate Committee on Service to the School and Community was the second committee founded at Woodland Regional High School in 2001. The committee organizes school wide events to benefit causes within both the school and the local community. Some include Blankets for Babies, Kards for Kids, Pink October for breast cancer awareness, and many other popular events. The primary goal of the committee is to help and to give back to those around us.

Senate Committee on Faculty, Staff and Administration Relations (FSA)

The senate committee on Faculty-Staff-Administration Relations, established in 2014 as a commission, elevated to Committee Status in 2016, works to establish appreciation for the hard work that the staff does for our school. Traditionally this committee assembled and distributed gift baskets to staff members throughout the school year. However, this year we are switching things up with our project in which we “Serenade the Staff.” During teacher appreciation week, members of the student body will go around to teachers who’ve signed up to be serenaded and preform a song for them. Our main goal is to make the staff feel appreciated!

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