The deliberations of the WRSG are guided by ParliPro! to promote lively and productive debate when discussing important and sometimes controversial topics.

Debates begin with a member advancing either a bill or resolution, which is followed by speeches that support or oppose the idea.

Our format strives to be lively and engaging. Members are encouraged to voice their support or disagreement through multiple rounds of speeches and questions.

Floor Sides

The Senate is divided into two sides (the Left and the Right sides of the room) to encourage debate. Floor Leaders will often assign members to give speeches while Whips will assist in voting.

The Left Side Leadership

Speaker - Mairead Reilly '20

Floor Leader - Mia Carranza '20

Floor Whip - Anna Nichols '22

Floor Whip - Amber Rosato '22

The Right Side Leadership

Floor Leader - Camille Terrell '20

Floor Whip - Gavin Moffat '22

Woodland Regional Student Government

Beacon Falls, CT