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!Próspero Año Nuevo!

Happy New Year!

Noticias de enero

January news

7th grade classes:

In January 7th graders will focus on the meaning and conjugation of regular "ar'" verbs in Spanish. They are also learning three irregular verbs; "ir" (to go); "dar" (to give) and "estar" (to be). Sr. Miller’s classes will have a test near the end of the month of January, which will assess knowledge of clothing and school supplies, along with the conjugation of the regular “ar” verbs they have learned in the chapter. January’s Spanish curriculum ends with the introduction of a project that involves shopping for clothing.

8th grade classes

8th graders begin the new year by studying sports and weather in the summer and the winter, which is presented in Chapter 9 of their books. They are writing a postcard about an imaginary vacation to a beach resort or a ski area. 8th graders will also be learning the simple past tense of regular "ar" verbs and the verbs "ser" and "ir."

Homework is always posted on Google Classroom.

If you would like to contact Señor Miller, he can be reached by phone at:

(860) 526-9546 ext. 1208

or by email at:

Please take the time to visit the Spanish web site (under teacher web pages) and encourage your child to play the games, and maybe even teach you something. Señora Valencia, the Spanish teacher in Essex, creates the games using the vocabulary students are learning in class. A big part of learning a language is exposure and repetition. These games are a fun way to practice and reinforce what they are learning at school.