Mrs. Cody's Classroom

Welcome to 4th grade at Deep River Elementary School!

I hope you enjoy your summer! I know you'll start thinking about school at some point over the summer but don't rush! There's plenty of time to relax before you need to start thinking about getting ready. When you're getting into back-to-school mode, here's the list of items you should bring with you when school starts:

  • Pencils- We never seem to have enough. Try to keep a constant supply throughout the year
  • Personal Pencil Sharpener- A good hand pencil sharpener with a container that holds the shavings is advisable.
  • Colored Pencils- We use colored pencils for almost all projects that require illustrating. There is no need for markers or crayons.
  • Sticky Notes- We use these throughout the year to share ideas. Students also love them as bookmarks.
  • Ruler- With Centimeters and Inches
  • Pencil Box- The hard plastic type seem to work best and help to cut down on lost items.
  • Scissors and a Glue Stick- I try to supply these, but every year my supplies diminish. It would be helpful to have your own. Write your name on yours.

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